Why Choose Next Healthcare?

Be a doctor. Anywhere. Anytime.

Physicians love the flexibility and control over their schedule, creating that perfect work-life balance.

Next Healthcare assignments range from a few days to weeks or months. It’s completely up to you.

Not enough doctors – so you have choice

  • More hospitals need doctors as the population is growing
  • Clinics and hospitals are expanding with a growing need for coverage
  • Telemedicine has created a new area of healthcare that needs to be filled
  • Burnout rate for doctors is at an all-time high, and new doctors are needed

Is Nexthealthcare right for you?

Five questions to ask yourself about locum tenens.

Would I like to work with different groups?

Many physicians use Next Healthcare to gain valuable experience and knowledge from working with different colleagues and groups. This is an excellent way to learn from many skilled people across the nation.

Do I find new experiences exciting?

Placements from Next Healthcare are temporary. Doctors love the sense of adventure they receive from moving on to a new hospital or group.

Will I have stable work?

Next Healthcare assignments can be shorter than permanent placement, and this is where our expertise shines. We hustle and work hard to keep the pipeline of opportunities flowing for you. So, as one opportunity is coming to an end, we have a variety of options for your next great opportunity.

How is my travel organized?

We take care of everything. We will book your flight, hotel, and car rental. You get a simple to read itinerary to make your travel easy. Any hiccups or delays during travel, and our 24/7 travel team is standing by for assistance. No more holding for hours to reach airlines.

What impact can Next Healthcare have on my family?

Next Healthcare jobs require travel. Traveling allows you to experience new places and work with different people. Working for a consecutive period allows you to free up a block of time for yourself to be at home, thereby spending more quality time with your family.