We choose physicians with a similar ideology, not just great skills.

Hospitals choose us for our happy doctors who love what they do.

A happy doctor does great work.

A higher standard

Our physician evaluators evaluate candidates to discover doctors who are exceptional beyond their résumé.

A perfect fit goes beyond skills and into the beliefs and values of a doctor, such as compassion, professionalism, and confidence. We will make sure the doctor fits into your culture to ensure a smooth transition into your workplace.

On time, every time

A personal concierge experience that delivers on time, every time.

The process

  • Call to speak with a Client Manager to let us know your needs and preferences. Our goal is to make finding staff easier for you.
  • Choose from a large variety of applicants and candidates.
  • We will send all the credentialing documents for your convenience.
  • Watch as the physician arrives on time and begins their work.
  • Let us know what we can do next to stay valuable for your continued needs.

Continuous support

Next Healthcare’s caring, personal concierge experience delivers on time, every time.

We assign a personal client manager who works directly with you to uncover the best fit for your workplace and current staff. We are dedicated to working with you this time, and to stay relevant and valuable for the next phase of your physician needs.

What doctors say