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We’re with you every step of the way, from today’s great Next Healthcare opportunity to your next one. You have a vision of your career – your personal recruiter will discuss it with you and find the trajectory that will make it happen for you. We call our secret sauce “Nexcellence,” putting the excellence into your future.

Our Story

Next Healthcare grew out of a young immigrant boy’s vision of becoming a doctor, a profession he loved that allowed him to take care of people. He studied and worked hard in school, driven by the desire to be the best he could be, in pursuit of excellence. After finishing his residency, the young doctor started to look for a great job at a hospital system, filled with eagerness to make a difference and the ambition to help the world, one patient at a time.

The reality of the health care industry started to teach all the things the young doctor did not learn in medical school, and that prevented him from caring for his patients using his training. Rapid patient visits, controlling insurance companies, frivolous lawsuits, and administrative influence in patient treatment were obstacles to giving his patients the most effective treatment.

Despite the frustrations and uphill challenges, he kept doing the best he could. The young doctor became distressed with the necessity of compromising his values to remain in the health care hospital system. He had a deep fear of losing his integrity. Being a role model for his children exaggerated that fear.

His solution: leave the hospital system and build his own practice. He worked harder than ever, striving with persistence, spending time and effort, yet was faced with similar challenges as an independent office practitioner. Insurance companies imposed their standards through financial means, forcing him to become a commodity for the health care industry, limiting his ability to provide appropriate care and sacrificing his values and ideals.

The young doctor began to see the great disconnect between his vision of being a doctor,
and the realization of what the health care industry had become and his fear of not being good enough to withstand it. Could he continue to practice medicine under these conditions?

Then, he discovered physician staffing and spoke with a recruiter. They worked together to find the best job for the doctor so that he could be a doctor again, without being treated like a commodity. He could decide when and where he wanted to work, and when to spend time at home. He loved the work-life balance and the opportunity to travel. He was no longer part of the health care machine that was limiting his life but working as he envisioned. The doctor reached his dream of saving lives every day, without sacrificing his own values and ideals.

Inspired by his own experience, that young doctor founded Next Healthcare to bring you that same level of satisfaction in your career. You won’t have to sacrifice your values and ideals to give patients the level of care they deserve, while building the life you deserve.